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The Directory List is part of a network created by The Hobby Line! Internet.  The purpose of the creation of Directory websites began when the owner, Mr. Mike Dippel, decided that he wanted to give his customers' websites more exposure.  At that time, Mr. Dippel designed and hosted 77 websites and did his best to submit them to the various search engines, directories and FFA sites.

But this was not enough.  He created The Pembroke Pines, Florida Business Directory which lists business in the city of Pembroke Pines, Florida, and it became an instant hit!  The ball was rolling. Now, The Hobby Line! Internet hosts 23 assorted Directory websites that cover the spectrum of topics from city directories, Christian directories and other niche topics.

The Hobby Line! Internet, Inc. is privately owned, and specializes in web design, web hosting, and the installation of custom scripts. A complete list of sites can be found at About Us page.

(954) 895-4638